Register’s Office

The duties of the Register first centered on registering or recording, by transcription, deed to real property. This basic function, in regard to land titles, remains a vital one. However over the years, other types of instruments have been added to those eligible for registration. Hardeman County records date back to the early 1800s.


  • Records deeds, trust deeds, liens, charters, and military discharges
  • Collects transfer and mortgage taxes
  • E-filing available

Recording Fees

Document/Service Fee
Military discharges No charge
For each plat, map or survey (TCA 8-21-1001), page not to exceed 8.5″ x 14″ $15.00 per page
For each document (other than UCC military discharge, plat, map, survey, corporate (TCA 8-21-1001) Â $10.00
For each instrument in a document in excess of one instrument (TCA 8-21-1001) $5.00
For each page in a document in excess of two pages (TCA 8-21-1001) $5.00
For a certified copy of a plat, map or survey (TCA 8-21-1001) $5.00
For a certified copy of a document other than a plat, map or survey, page size not to exceed 8.5″ x 14″ (TCA 8-21-1001) $1.00 per page
For filing or recording a UCC record plus .50 per page in excess of 10 pages (TCA 47-9-525) $15.00 / .50
For each additional name in a UCC record required to be indexed (TCA 47-9-525) $15.00
For a copy of any UCC record, per page (TCA 47-9-525) $1.00
For issuing each receipt for state taxes (TCA 67-4-409) $1.00
For recording any corporate charters or related documents plus .50 per page in excess of five pages (TCA 48-11-303) $5.00 / .50
For recording certificates of limited partnership plus .50 per page in excess of five pages (TCA 61-2-206) $5.00 / .50
For recording limited liability company (LLC) documents plus .50 per page in excess of five pages (TCA 48-204-101) $5.00 / .50
For making a transcript, collation and index regarding worn or mutilated records per 100 words (TCA 10-7-114) $1.00
State Conveyance Tax $.37 per $100 value
State Transfer Tax $1.15 per $1000 value


Hardeman County Title Search (fee required)


  • 2006-2007 Register of the Year from Tennessee Registers Association
  • 2001 Outstanding Register of the Year from County Officials Association of Tennessee
  • Member and Past President, Tennessee Register Association

Lily Barnes, Registrar
Hardeman County Courthouse
100 North Main
Bolivar TN 38008

Phone: (731) 658-3476
Fax: (731) 658-3075

Office Hours: 

Monday – Thursday, 8:30am – 4:30pm
Friday – 8:30am – 5:00pm

Virlene Brown

Pam Fawcett

Upcoming Events

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March 26

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